Billboard transformed with spray in Michigan to change message

Spray painted billboard
Billboard replaced and spray painted

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery in Jackson Michigan has placed a billboard near the corner of  Louis Glick Highway and N. Mechanic St but after facing  some criticism the plastic surgery clinic has replaced it for another one carrying a different message and style.

In the first one , they display tow cups, one labeled B and a bigger one labeled D with a text in between that reads “Size matters”.

spray paint
Muffin top spray painted billboard

The new billboard wasn’t any better. In this new one , two fat muffins wearing tight jeans are displayed with a text that reads “friends don’t let friends. MUFFIN TOP”.

Over the weekend the billboard was transformed and a new message was added on top which reads ” you’re beautiful!” the fat muffins were also modified with smiley faces.

I do not personally agree with vandalism but I must confess that the way the billboard looks now leaves you with a far better feeling over yourself.

Severe spray fines dealt out to traffic violators in Queens

Wrong parking
Spray fine

If you live around Queens or drive around this area. You should beware of not parking your car loosely or you may face a severe fine for wrong-parking your vehicle.

Two car owners have already been tagged with messages that invites them to watch their parking habits and behave properly behind the wheel.

Last Friday  two car owners did face the shameful penalty of having to drive in a tagged card with the message ” Learn to park s bag” and ” Hey scumbag park right”.

Did they really learn a parking lesson?

The owner of the last tagged car didn’t admit to have parked wrongly. What makes me wonder whether it was an act of mere vandalism or did the maker really want to teach drivers how to not park  on the streets.

In the end it is all wrong. Spray painting a car which you do not own is and remains an act of vandalism and shouldn’t be encouraged. Let traffic officers do their jobs.


Graffiti artists captured in July 2014

Luis Arroyo or Baychester, 37 has been tagging walls ever since 2012 all over New York.  Early this Monday Arroyo got caught and charged with criminal mischief , graffiti making and the possession of a graffiti instrument.

Graffiti newyork
graffiti artist new york

Arroyo was  tagging a carriage in the Bronx  when transit workers took notice of him and caught him and brought him to the police. Luis Arroyo is known by the tag “Haze” which has been in many train carriages and walls all over New York.

According to the police Arroyo has caused about 20.000$ in damage to the trains in the city and he will now have to face trial.

This capture comes just two weeks after Peter Podsiadlo got caught. Peter is a famous graffiti artist as well and has on his record 23 counts of felony criminal mischief.

My question is:

Can you get charged for possessing a graffiti instrument?

Welcome to arroyo’s play in Boston July the 27th 4:pm 2014

Graffiti art in theatre
Playwright graffiti art

Circuit theater in Boston (2 Arrow St, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA) presents a master play in which the plot goes about graffiti art  and urban culture with dj’s that will mix live through the play right in front of the audience all the while the story develops itself.

What’s this about?

Welcome to Arroyo’s does shows the story of two siblings struggling through live trying to cope with the lost of their only parent.  Alejandro Arroyo runs the newest lounge in New York city and his sister Molly is fond of spray painting the walls of the local police’s  premises. Thanks to the results that brings out an investigation carried out by a recent transferred  police officer the true about the mother of the Arroyo siblings is finally reveled. She happened to be one of the founders of hip-hop music.

Next and last play on:

Sunday, July 27th at 4pm

The circuit thatre company

Two Harvard students invented a spray cake

spray can cake
Spray cake

Two Hardvard students came out with the idea of putting batter into a spray can that you can just spray into a cup and, voila!, after just one minute in the microwave you’ll have a nice spray cupcake.

The bakery craft is becoming a bit funnier with this sort of inventions and one may expect more inventions of the same sort to come in the future. Probably spray omelette, spray crêpes or spray bread. You never know, but if this trend persist there will  be little difference between a spray artist and a chef. You would see them then spraying with cans all over the place to finally end up with some delicious dish or painting.

The French referees do introduce white spray paint

Vanishing spray paint can
Vanishing spray paint can

Football referees have sometimes a difficult time trying to indicate where the ball should stay for a free kick or where the barrier should stand and that can be a little bit tedious. So they use vanishing white spray paint which is a sort of spray paint mainly made out of water 80%, Butane Gas17% ,surfactant 1% and another 2% of other ingredients. The paint is proper for usage on the grass of sport fields due to the fact that it soon disappears leaving no trace. Once it is applied on any surface it only lasts for one minute.

The product was first seen back in year 1980 and was very popular among entrepreneurs  and football professionals but the English weren’t very fond of it. In fact, they weren’t even interested so it didn’t make it trough to the huge tournaments until year 2000 when it appeared at the Brazilian Championship. Two years later an Argentinian entrepreneur named Pablo Silva did reinvent the vanishing spray and renamed it 9-15.

In the prior football world cup tournament the vanishing spray paint can did appear on the stage again and now the football federations of many countries are starting to use it as well. In Belgium it is already in use and France will be the next one to adopt the spray can.

A man sets house on fire with a spray can

A man from Seattle in the USA has discovered a creative way to exterminate bugs at home. He came to the great idea of using a spray can and a lighter to produce fire and kill the spiders at home. But he might not have considered one thing. Namely that fire in the house is quite dangerous.

So  he  managed to kill the  the little spider but in the attempt he did also burnt down his house and gave his family and neighbours the heck of a scare when giants clouds of smoke started coming out of the house through the windows.

Luckily nobody got killed, except for the little spider that was most likely burnt to ashes and the fire fighters were on time at the spot to prevent the fire spreading all over the neighbouring houses.

The idea of killing bugs with a paint spray can seems very creative but maybe he should have had a fire retardant spray handy to prevent this kind of situations from happening.

Street Art advertising

Street artists do usually remain in the shadows because their work is considered for authorities as an act of vandalism and in most of the cases the graffitis that you see on the streets may not quite qualify as art.

Street art for advertisingThere are though truly artists that paint extremely impressive street art in 3d that can easily fool your eyes and brain in a manner that can capture your attention completely to the extent that you will never forget and what is more important, you will feel tempted to take a picture and share it with your friends.

A company based in the uk has discovered the potential that this sort of street art has for commercial purposes and has been using street art no only to beautify sidewalks and deteriorated walls but to help companies promote their brands in a very innovative way that can become even viral.

Street art  man climbing
Man climbing on street

This painting technique is known as anamorphic or (Trompe l’oeil) which means “To fool the eye or to deceive it” and in this particular case the paintings have been done with chalk.

It is definitely a very clever way to attract people’s attention an conduct viral marketing campaigns.

The company responsible for these impressive paintings is:

Famous belgian street art painters – Spagraf

Spagraaf is an organization that has taken urban street art professionally. They are located in the area of Antwerpen in Belgium and all  the members of Spagraf  do count with at least 10 years of experience.  Only those holding a degree in decoration , graphic design or similar do qualify to be part of the team, so you can expect that this guys can really deliver quality of artworks.

In this short film you can see how they actually go about their work and transform any surface into master pieces of art in a very team-minded way.

And in case you want to know more about them, feel free to visit their website at:

spray paint refurbishment proyects

When you put yourself to the task of rescuing your worn out peaces of furniture you may take into account certain considerations like budgeting and time.

You may ask yourself whether it is really worth even trying it considering the effort and the materials that you nned to buy in order to get the job done.

Good news is that there are new products out there that come all in one and you will end up saving money and time. It can be compared to using shampoo and conditioner for your hair in one single bottle.

The materials

For any refurbishment project you would normally use different types of sandpaper, iron brush, undercoat for wood and iron , anticorrosive spray for wood and for steel and spray cans with the desired colors just to name a few. But what if you could get your hands on the krylon’s superbond paint + prime that sticks virtually on any surface?

I bet you’d get your painting job in no  time.

Just take a look at this film and find out who simple it is to start and finish spray paint projects at home in no time and with a tight budget.